Pianca | Salone del Mobile 2018

18 May 2018

Pianca returned to Milan for this year’s Milan Design Week, bringing inspiration from their successes and new products to showcase.


The stand was designed by Calvi Brambilla Studio, who designed the award-winning Ettore Table for Pianca, creating a variety of elegantly contemporary spaces for everyday living. Pianca unveiled a collection of new designs.


Read below to find out more about Pianca’s new collections this year.

Ettore Table by Calvi Brambilla


The Ettore table, which earned Pianca and its two designers the prestigious recognition award by the Chicago Athenaeum, returns just as bold and sculptural in its new elliptical shape. Sculptural, symbolic and bold, the table stems from a desire to have fun assembling three classic, primary, geometric elements in an ironic way.

Logos Sideboard by Calvi Brambilla


The Logos family of containers for the bedroom area transcends its original identity, becoming a cupboard. Contrasting colours can be used on the outside and inside surface, combining to create different looks that can range from playful to elegant according to individual tastes. The Logos was created as homage to artist and designer Bruno Munari, who conducted a lengthy study of the spatial effects deriving from placing coloured surfaces together.

Biao Coffee Tables by Calvi Brambilla


The inspiration behind the eccentric and original detail of the Baio series is traced back to Iceland, as the iconic image of a herd of horses. All variations of the tables share an exclusive plinth at the base of each foot, a stylish detail that makes this collection unique. The circular version features a single central base leg fastened to a circular supporting plate, subtly providing stability.

Maestro Table and Oltre Mirror by Emilio Nanni


Meastro, an iconic project from the vision of Emilio Nanni, perfectly balances the geometric concept and structural stability to achieves its style. Nanni also designed the eccentric and fascinating Oltre mirror, an object that is half-way between art and design, concept and synthesis, and ideal to enhance entertainment areas like living rooms, as well as intimate environments like bedrooms. Oltre plays with layering, with the idea of repetition, featuring overlapping shapes, similar in geometry but differing in proportions.

Fushimi and Inari Collection by Philippe Tabet


Back is also the partnership with Philippe Tabet, designer of the Fushimi bed, who chooses to extensively broaden the same inspiring motif. Symmetry, harmony and essential elements are the features of the Fushimi Inari Japanese sanctuary that fascinated Tabet, conceiving the Fushimi and Inari series. They feature clean, soft and continuous lines: an ensemble of positively versatile furnishing solutions, with a tamed and charming character, which are suitable to enhance a multiplicity of residential settings.


Tabet also designed the Orchestra chair, with its reassuring and harmonious shapes and perfectly tuned like members of an orchestra, comfortable in both versions, with and without armrests.

All-In Sofa by Cazzaniga Mandelli Pagliarulo


The All-In Sofa is designed by Studio CMP, which marries generous and impressive volumes to a bold structural choice. The collection was inspired by the design challenge they had set when they asked themselves “How about we try creating a sofa that looks like it’s suspended off the ground?” Pianca showcased two structures in the fair: a linear one with three modules and a symmetrical one, with annexed chaise longue.


Contralto, a collection of precious and functional accessories with linear and minimalist forms bears the signature of Studio CMP. The series comprises of mirrors, shelves, coat stands, side tables and valet stands. The latter all share a common specific detail giving them their distinctive character: a stone or
terrazzo marble plinth serving as the base supporting a sleek, slender metal stem that has variations of elements branching off it at the ideal height for practical use.

Filo Bed by Pianca


Pianca introduced a new bed to their 2018 collection to respond to a need of a solution to move it into your bedroom with challenges of the common bed dimensions. The upholstered headboard is connected to the bedframe using acurved joint that gives continuity to the structure. There are 2 versions available: the plain version with new dimensions and the new tufted version.