Introducing Teal Table

17 Aug 2018

We welcome to our collection of international brands Teal Table.
Founded in 2007, Teal Table is a leader in the planter design market in Korea, using botanicals to develop innovative designs. Unable to find the right pots and planters to meet their standard in the marketplace, they began designing their own. Thus, Teal Table line of pots and planters was born.


Crafted from environmentally-friendly materials, they take pride in not only designing top notch products and techniques but also educating future botanical designers.



Led by chief designer and founder, Joowon and master designer, Misun along with senior designer, Hyunyoung, these core members have dedicated their past 10 years designing and making planters and pots. Today, Teal Table has become a leader in the planter design market in Korea.



Teal Table uses proprietary design concepts in its botanical design projects. What separates Teal Table from others is based on selecting the right plants with their pots and planters resulting in perfect balance and harmony.


Their products provide natural housing for plants as well as functioning as unique decorative units for your home or business. Teal Table insist on only using environmentally-friendly materials where soil can breathe to properly nourish the plants they hold. They strives to create products that satisfy not just the eyes

of customers but ones that are nature-friendly also. This mission is the foundation of the Teal Table philosophy.


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