Getting to Know: Ex.t

20 Feb 2017

In February 2016, Meizai selected a range of pendants to launch the brand Ex.t as an international partner and looks forward to working with the innovative and creative brand to bring more products to Australia.


In 2017, Meizai is excited to announce a new range to its collection of Ex.t products, bathware. Including a selection of basins, baths, bathroom furniture, accessories and lighting created in collaboration with renowned deisgn firm, Norm Architects.


Ex.t is a Florentine brand that creates design products for the bathroom and home, working with designers from all over the world and bringing light to their projects through the expertise of Italian manufacturing.


Ex.t loves mixing the international visions of their designers such as Note Design Studio and Norm Architects, with the Italian mastery in the use of techniques and materials. The products are essential, simple, minimal and handcrafted by Tuscan family run ateliers with care and attention to detail.


Uniquely, the entire cycle of the product, from the selection, through the development until the promotion is managed, with creativity and feminine intuition, by a staff composed entirely of women.

The result is unique: international design with an artisanal heart.

Read the below interview with Ex.t to learn more about this unique brand:


Please tell us about your background and the path that led to where you are today and establishing Ex.t?


Ex.t in its full brand identity was born in 2012 as the youngest brainchild of the Tanini Group, a benchmark of the construction and manufacturing industry in Tuscany that in the early 60’s opened in Florence one of the most up to date showrooms of Italy. Since then Ex.t mission is to blend together the century old artisan tradition of Tuscany with the latest design trends, through creative partnerships with the best international designers.


Your studio is based in Florence; tell us three of your favourite things about the city and one must-see for a visitor.


Our favs of Florence are gastronomy, art and the timeless vibe featuring the city. Must see are at least two: Boboli garden, one of the most enchanting and romantic green areas in Italy, along with the Belvedere Fort where you can enjoy a stunning panorama of the whole city.


The selection of traditional Tuscan ateliers to produce Ex.t products is such an important part of Ex.t’s brand and high quality products. How is this taken into account when providing a design brief and the process as a whole to prepare a product for market?


Each product is the result of an elaborate process consisting of several steps: choosing the right designer, the selection of the best materials and the finest details, through the choice of colours and the artisan manufacturing. This process that develops over time requires great commitment and passion by us as well as our craftsmen. That’s why you have to wait a bit more for our products, a small price to pay to have an exclusive artisan made high quality product, which is our biggest strength on the market.


Another unique factor about Ex.t is that the entire production cycle is managed entirely of women. Did this occur organically or was it a considered decision when establishing Ex.t?


Being a team made up entirely by women happened organically, then turned into a considered choice. We worked also with a mixed team, but what made a difference is that women are really natural for team work. We love to share and discuss all together the matters at Ex.t which has worked very well from the beginning. We believe in the power of a feminine touch and in the precious skill of multitasking!


Do you ever struggle for an idea, and if so where do you go to be inspired and help in those moments of creative blocks?


Along with life experiences and art, Ex.t gets inspirations by the world of home and design to create a different concept of bathroom for each collection. We aim to deliver products that stand out among the industry of bathroom furnishings, which often tends to be dominated by visually heavy furnishing elements.


Our mission is to unite a harmonious mix of different contemporary design trends with our local artisan heritage, creating standalone pieces with a versatile soul, suitable for many living spaces, conceived to last a long time. Bearing this in mind we want to recreate the same cosy atmosphere of the rest of the home, thus Ex.t basins, washstands and bathtubs result as a combination of essential features with a strong sculptural presence, functionality and aesthetics.


The design calendar is filled with trade fairs, events, installations and parties. What is the one event that you can’t miss out on, and why?


The Salone del Mobile in Milan is definitely an appointment we can’t miss out as one if not the most important fair in Europe for the industry. It’s highly commercial and fruitful networking wise, everyone who is involved in the industry pops by to this fair. This year we were there at the International Bathroom Exhibition and it went very well, Milan is a great opportunity for a brand, mainly for a young brand to be in the core of the international design world for few days.