Create the bedroom of your dreams with Meizai

30 Jul 2018

Dioniso Bed by Pianca, Esse Lounge Chair by Pianca, Edizioni pendant light

Bedrooms are one of the most important spaces in a home where we spend at least one third of our day to get a good night’s rest. A beautifully welcoming and comfortable bed makes a huge difference, not only in ambience, but for a healthy mind and body as a little retreat from everyday life.


We share some of our simple tips to style the bedroom of your dreams.

Spillo Bed by Pianca                                                     Crescent Bed by Camerich

People Bed by Pianca



Select a colour scheme that personifies your style and that doesn’t stimulate the mind too much. We love colour but maybe not too much in the bedroom. Pick colours that complement each other in either tone or shades. If you have a couple of colours that you can’t choose from, add in some neutral tones to balance the contrasting colours.

Impunto Bed by Pianca                                                    Piumotto Bed by Pianca

Textures & Layering


Create a comfortable and luxurious space by layering and playing with textures. Accessorising with cushions and additional pillows not only looks comfy but also feels snug and soft. We love a beautiful throw made of a quality material to give the bed dimension with the unique texture.

Up-Lift Sofa Bed by Prostoria

Revolve Sofa Bed by Prostoria

Function & Storage


Not only can a bed be a place to sleep, the modern day bed designs today offer innovative storage solutions to store those extra cushions and pillows and other essentials, keeping your bedroom tidy for a clear mind. Complement the bed with a stylish nightstand so you can keep your essential items within arm’s reach when you’re spending time in bed.


If you’ve got limited space, sofa beds are the perfect alternative for bedding with its versatility to function as both a sofa and bed without losing its aesthetic design. Transform your space into a bedroom whenever you desire.

Personal touch


Add your own personal touch to your bedroom. It’s your own private space so it may as well be made just for you! Place a picture that you like above the bed against the wall or pots plants or flower vase to your style. Our favourite must-have is to have candles scented with calming aromas to de-stress yourself the moment you step foot in the bedroom.


Lamps are also a good way to add your style along with creating ambient lighting to set the mood. Our lighting collection from GrupaProducts and Ex.t are especially popular for bedrooms.

Baluna by GrupaProducts

Arigato by GrupaProducts

Fuse Pendant by Ex.t Design

Find the finest design bed in the world with Meizai’s elegant collection. Whether you are looking for a bold statement from Camerich, or the pinnacle of timeless design from Pianca, these beds are an excellent centrepiece in any bedroom. Our collection is offered in multiple styles and finish options, so you never have to compromise on your own unique style.