COR | Designer furniture from the heart

28 Jun 2017

Introducing COR


COR’s furniture collection provides impeccable designs, high quality and an amazing array of fabrics and finishes and is the latest addition to Meizai’s offering.


Established over 60 years ago by Prince Bentheim Tecklenburg and Leo Lübke, the duo began manufacturing upholstered furniture in Rheda-Wiedenbrück (in North-West Germany) under the name of COR – Latin for heart.


Since its founding, aesthetics, purism and the highest finishing quality have been the company’s key values. Furniture from COR has its own unmistakable lines, and has received major accolades and design awards at regular intervals.


COR is currently headed by Leo Lübke Junior, the third generation of his family to run the company. He takes the same approach to quality, reliability and innovation as his grandfather did before him.


Named one of the top German design brands by Architonic; German precision, engineering and unrelenting care and attention to the quality of their furniture collections are complemented by collaborations with leading designers such as Jehs & Laub, Metrica and Uwe Fischer.


Discover the COR collection here.


Trio Sofa


Designed by Team Form AG, Trio comprises just three simple elements: seating element, backrest, corner and back, which offer an almost endless range of combinations in just a few moves.


Click here to view the Trio sofa in action.


Cordia Lounge


Designed by Jehs & Laub, the Cordia family lounge chair is a voluminous down cushion rests in a smooth, thin shell.


On a polished or lacquered swivel base, Cordia Lounge stands with its four feet firmly on the ground.


View the Cordia lounge here.


Jalis Sofa


Designed by Jehs & Laub, the Jalis sofa can float, rest on pedestals, integrate or highlight tables, change levels and incorporate niches and floor recesses.


No matter where it stands, its enclosing backrests and deep seats create a sense of security.


View the Jalis sofa here.


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