Ames | Salone del Mobile 2018

25 May 2018

Ames presented ‘La Casa Colombia’ in Milan during Design Week.


The stand design was inspired by ‘La Casa de las Aguas’, an architectural firm based in the Honda region of Colombia. Striking images and videos by photographer Andres Valbuena capture the Colombian way of life, displaying the variety of faces, traditions and styles to be found in the South American country.


In addition to an expansion of the Circo furniture series, ames will be displayed a new family of products in Milan – La Che tables and decorative objects. It’s also celebrating the premiere of Bici, a new product that’s unexpected for ames: Hand-made bicycles decorated – like the Caribe collection – with “Momposino”-style woven baskets, available in bright colours that match the furniture series.

La Che by Sebastian Herkner


Ames introduced a unique aspect of Colombian culture with the new La Che series, crafted from a traditional Andean technique. The Lache, is one of many indigenous tribes of Colombia who were known for using an eponymous technique to weave baskets up until the Spanish conquistadors colonized vast areas of South America. In collaboration with German designer Sebastian Herkner, ames commissioned local people in the small Andean province to produce its side tables and decorative objects by hand.


The baskets are made from fique – a natural fibre made from the leaves of the plant of the same name. The dyes used mostly stem from natural ingredients such as nuts, roots and bark from trees, native to the region. The production process is highly intensive and requires advanced skill in craftsmanship, taking several weeks to product a single La Che piece. This traditional handcrafting technique is uncommon even in Colombia making the series an exclusive and rare set of designs.

Bici by Sebastian Herkner


Ames brought a surprise to Milan with a special new product: Bici.


The fun bicycle is produced in a small family-run workshop in Bogota’s historic city centre. Colombia has a long and rich history of cycling with it being the only mode of transportation in many regions, traveling great distances. Many renowned professional cyclists come from these parts of Colombia.


Designer Sebastian Herkner and ames CEO Ana María Calderón Kayser encountered the Colombian bikes countless times during their travels through the country together. Like the Caribe collection, the Bici bicycles feature hand-woven baskets made of recycled plastic ties in the same bright colours as the Circo furniture designs.


The limited edition Bici bicycles can be customised with a name or logo for small hotels or shops on request.

Circo Leather Lounge


In addition new collections, ames expanded the Circo range that was launched earlier this year in Paris and Cologne.


An XL size flower pot is now available, making it the fourth size for larger plants. An indoor version of the chairs was also introduced made of fine leather.